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Semi-Mounted Machine Added to Kuhn PRIMOR Range of Feeders and Straw Blowers
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KUHN Farm Machinery has added a semi-mounted version of the PRIMOR 2060 M to its range of mechanically driven all-fodder feeder and straw blowers.

Previously available in mounted or trailed versions, the PRIMOR 2060 M is now also offered in a semi-mounted version which uses a hydraulically adjustable rear axle to raise and lower the machine’s body for easier loading and to provide an adjustable distribution height.


The PRIMOR 2060 M has a 2m3 load capacity enabling it to hold either one rectangular bale (1.30m by 1.20m by 2.70m) or a single round bale up to 1.80m in diameter. Two hydraulic rams enable the hopper body and 1.2 tonne capacity tailgate to be lowered to ground level for easier self-loading, even when used in conjunction with a low power tractor.

The height-adjustable rear axle also enables the distribution height to be varied by up to 15cm to enable forage products to be blown over or under feed barriers; the chute’s maximum height can be adjusted between 2.65 and 2.80 metres.

The new machine is equipped as standard with intuitive and easy-to-use electric controls and uses KUHN’s proven POLYDRIVE clutch system to enable the feed rotor to be started without stopping the tractor’s power take-off (PTO). The drive system can also be disengaged quickly without having to stop the PTO.

A large diameter feed rotor, equipped with 48 knives, delivers a high throughput of material and ensures an even and consistent chop length for all types of long-stranded forage products including hay, straw and haylage. Five regulating tines ensure an even distribution of material to the turbine which is equipped with eight bolt-on blades (two long and two short).

Final distribution of the chopped material is via a top-mounted multi-directional chute which can blow on the right-hand side to 18m (13m when blowing to the left). A swivelling chute is available as an option.


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