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Liebherr mobile crane erects mixing plant via remote control
Time:2017-8-29   【字体: 】   浏览次数:1155

ESB Kranverleih Transport und Hebetechnik (ESB) has assembled a concrete mixing plant with a remote-controlled Liebherr mobile crane.

The German crane contractor used a Liebhrerr LTM 1070-4.2 mobile crane, in tandem with the manufacturer's LICCON2 crane control system, to erect a 2.5m³ Liebherr Betomix 2.5 RIM mixer in a gravel plant.

Remote control functionality comes as standard on all Liebherr cranes. The system uses Bluetooth (BTT) to conduct routine set-up activities, such as the extension of crane supports.

With the complete remote-control system, all of a crane's movements can be controlled by the operator from outside of the cabin.

In order to use Liebherr's complete remote-control system, the operator requires a control desk. The BTT is then connected to this desk's two master switches.


Using this configuration, ESB controlled the LTM 1070-4.2 from a location close to the load.

In addition to offering an improved view of the initial assembly of the mixer, remote operation provided the operator with an added layer of safety and control, according to Liebherr.

Crane driver Detlef Scharnefsk commented: “The remote control is brilliant. I use it for around one third of my crane work. For difficult assembly jobs I can see everything and it makes communication with people on the site easier.”

The remote control system is flexible and can be implemented at relatively low cost, and the same control desk can be used for multiple cranes, according to Liebherr.

With lifting capacities ranging from 30 tonnes to 200 tonnes, ESB’s Liebherr-only fleet consists of telescopic mobile cranes, compact cranes, and truck-mounted telescopic cranes 


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