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Aviation aircraft in the earth's atmosphere of sailing activities, space refers to the aircraft in the atmosphere outside the space navigation activities. Mankind in the long years of the conquest of nature, had produced a soaring in the sky, the desire to travel the universe. Are very low in productivity and the level of science and technology of the times, this desire can only stay in the realm of fantasy. Although humans have done various flight exploration and attempt, but the realization of this desire or from a hot air balloon in eighteenth Century launched the beginning of the. Since early twentieth Century the first frame with power, can control the aircraft completed a short flight, age-old dream of human flight in the atmosphere will truly become a reality. After many of the outstanding figures of the hard work, aviation science and technology obtained the rapid development, continue to improve the performance of the aircraft. Human gradually made activities within the atmosphere of freedom, but also enhances the flying out of the atmosphere of confidence. Arrived 50 time metaphase, based on rocket, electronics, automatic control and other science and technology have made significant progress, the first man-made earth satellite was successfully launched, creating a new era of human space, the vast expanse of the universe space began to become human activities in Xinjiang region.
The aerospace industry is the twentieth Century science and technology leap in progress by leaps and bounds, the result of social production. Aerospace results focused a lot of new achievements in science and technology. So far the aerospace activities, although still only humans leave Earth this cradle the first few steps, but its role has been far beyond the field of science and technology, has produced extensive and profound influence on the political, economic, military and social life of human beings.



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